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A knife, a fork a bottle and a …torch?

“You should name yourself Millar Extreme Catering.” That was the comment from a relatively new member of staff in the MC team around 3am on a Tuesday morning. He’d just finished serving 120 MOD workers their “midnight meal” in a marquee. In a shed. On a rather deserted dock in Glasgow.

It’s not the glamorous side of catering, we will admit, but strangely it’s the jobs we love doing the most. Think about it; you’re putting in the shift from hell. It’s cold, it’s tough and the scheduled break comes. How disappointed would you be to queue up for a roll & sausage and a cup of tea (OK depends on the sausage, the roll blah, blah). Instead, come into the warm marquee & a friendly face comes to your table, asks how you’re doing and then asks what do you fancy – Goan sweet potato curry with rice – my favourite – or we’ve our Italian beef stew you loved last time? We know which we’d prefer and these guys do too.

On demanding jobs having a warm welcome, good food and a bit of banter makes one hell of a difference. It gets a bit tricky doing table service for 120 folk all dressed in various combinations of high-vis, boiler suits and oil skins, filling tables in an ad-hoc fashion. But remembering the faces and what they ordered is a challenge worth taking on if it makes their experience a good one. It’s why monoliths of industry like Rolls Royce come to us time and time again.

Last month, the Rolls Royce/ Nato Submarine Rescue System team came to us with a new challenge. To feed them on a real time training exercise spanning 24 hours. We devised meal plans packed with slow release energy ingredients, designed to please the hardest welder and the chief engineer. Curries packed with nuts, soups packed with pulses and getting in the oats – from crusty pie tops, flap jacks and the best French toast made with our own whole seed bread. Not to mention our stalwart – good, proper coffee to fuel the long days. The crew were well fed, motivated and completed their mission ahead of time and on a high. A result all round.

When Atkins global came to us, thinking they were going to be asking the impossible – feeding 3 shifts of 120 engineers on a rolling 36 hour time-sensitive project from a compound so remote that co-ordinates were given due to the lack of post code. Our response was “Not a problem”.
With 348 single track miles of railway line to be covered by their team, food had to be on the go. Time for home-made burgers in brioche buns, chargrilled chicken in a bun (with our paprika chipotle mayo) great soups and a snack bag for each engineer to take away to his remote post. Our marquee was set up at the base compound, providing hot food and some spirit boosting banter and available for crew to drop by from the project start at 8pm on a Saturday night until completion at 6am on Monday.

Undoubtedly these gigs are a challenge, but they’re just the kind of events that give everyone in the team a buzz when it all comes together. The logistics are meticulously planned, our know-how makes the Health and Safety liaisons smooth and our staff and food make crews very happy indeed.
So if you work in the industrial sector, have a crew you need to keep fed in demanding circumstances give us a call. No matter how remote your location, how long your project lasts or how bizarre your location, our answer will be “No problem”.

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"On the day – the food was spectacular!..."
Samantha & Andy, Wedding BBQ at Bankell Farm, Milngavie
"Great variety and quality – all my guests were blown away!..."
Jill Cuthbert, 40th Birthday BBQ in Edinburgh
"Millar Catering have been a key part of the success of the NSRS operation...."
John Burden, Rescue Operations Manager, NSRS Rolls Royce
"The level of service from staff provided was of impeccable standards...."
Nicola Liddell, The Scottish Sun
"The staff were extremely professional, the food was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented…....."
Natalie Rowe, Executive Assistant, CoStar UK
"We were absolutely delighted with the canapés, drinks and service provided by Millar Catering...."
Jacqueline & Robert Schindler, Housewarming Party in Glasgow
"Wonderful smoked salmon, perfectly cooked beef and a delicious crumble...."
Jenny & Dan, Marquee Wedding in Corrie, Isle of Arran
"Millar Catering catered for our OMEGA Boutique opening event and I’m glad they were part of this amazing night!..."
Sandria Charalambous, Canapes at Omega Watches

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