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The Xmas Party? Bah Humbug

The Christmas work do can be one of 2 things: The night to remember for all the wrong reasons. Or the night everyone is trying to remember and can’t. But with one certainty: bad stuff happened.


We’ve planned many a Christmas bash – from chattering canapé and fizz events to finish off the last working day, sit down Festive Feasts full of winter warmers, right through to large scale corporate party nights making sure 2000+ guests are well fed and happy.


Things start to go wrong when people drink & don’t eat.  The secret is not to treat the food as a tick box. You’ve possibly done it before – booked that restaurant you wouldn’t normally eat in, but hey it’s only £24 for a three course Christmas lunch (Normal menu price..erm £12.95). Their quality hasn’t gone up, but the prices have. That 50% price hike? That must be for the crappy cracker and an upgrade to a red napkin. If you‘ve chosen particularly well, there might even be a party popper.

Our advice:

  • Avoid the restaurant-quite-near-us-with-a-Christmas-menu. AKA Expensive-yet-somehow-inedible-so-hit-the-wine menu
  • Get the food in before the booze gets flowing. Lining those stomachs is crucial
  • Stuff the turkey. Go for some winter warmers instead. Think a slow cooked native beef stew with root veg and mash. Everything from the cranberry to the sprout takes a price hike in December.
  • Do it at your place. You’d be amazed how an office can be transformed with some imagination. A good rule is “girls like fairy lights”. A combo of these and candles and the main lights off works a treat. More industrial, less office? We’ll erect a marquee inside your unit, dress it up to the nines et voila, the party comes to you.

If you’ve been landed with planning this year’s office Christmas party, give us a call and we can give you some ideas and probably solve your dilemma there and then. We offer great menus, no seasonal price hikes and guarantee a suitably sparkly party that will be remembered for all the right reasons. We can even guard the photocopier if required.

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"On the day – the food was spectacular!..."
Samantha & Andy, Wedding BBQ at Bankell Farm, Milngavie
"Great variety and quality – all my guests were blown away!..."
Jill Cuthbert, 40th Birthday BBQ in Edinburgh
"Millar Catering have been a key part of the success of the NSRS operation...."
John Burden, Rescue Operations Manager, NSRS Rolls Royce
"The level of service from staff provided was of impeccable standards...."
Nicola Liddell, The Scottish Sun
"The staff were extremely professional, the food was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented…....."
Natalie Rowe, Executive Assistant, CoStar UK
"We were absolutely delighted with the canapés, drinks and service provided by Millar Catering...."
Jacqueline & Robert Schindler, Housewarming Party in Glasgow
"Wonderful smoked salmon, perfectly cooked beef and a delicious crumble...."
Jenny & Dan, Marquee Wedding in Corrie, Isle of Arran
"Millar Catering catered for our OMEGA Boutique opening event and I’m glad they were part of this amazing night!..."
Sandria Charalambous, Canapes at Omega Watches

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